I was raised in northern California and spent the majority of my time in a small community. From an early age I would often spend most days outdoors, hiking and exploring with family and friends, finding true beauty in my surroundings. After high school, I enlisted in the military and enjoyed the time serving my country. After leaving the service, I returned to the beautiful mountains of California. I began working in a career that assisted Veterans and their dependents. I truly loved the work I was doing and felt the work was helping people live a better life. However, due to unforeseen physical issues I was no longer able to continue in that career field. Feeling lost and without a purpose, I went back in time to my childhood when holding a camera up was a fantastic feeling. I recalled the joy of waiting with my mother to pick up freshly developed film. So I decided to pick up a camera and have found a new purpose in life. I strive to be the best photographer I can be; soaking up everything I have been taught and applying it to my work. I love learning from other photographers and those in the industry. Photography has brought joy and purpose to my life. Behind the lens is where I live.